Fateh Process Technologies Co. (F.P.T Co.)

شرکت  FPT  به عنوان نماینده شرکت GIANZZA در ایران امکان ارائه مشاوره و همچنین طراحی ، ساخت و اجرای انواع واحدهای تولید و تصفیه روغنهای خوراکی و اسیدهای چرب را دارا می باشد. دوریس با بهره گیری از تجربیات 120 ساله (1892) شرکت GIANZZA در خصوص طراحی و ساخت واحدهای تولید و تصفیه در سراسر جهان که بالغ بر 250 واحد تولیدی است، آماده ارائه خدمات ذیل می باشد.

Gianazza International Srl intends to continue the excellent work of the Fratelli Gianazza Spa, established in 1892 and active for over a century.

From 1950 the company specialized in edible oil refining and oleochemical processing, and quickly became a leading manufacturer obtaining worldwide recognition for the quality of its products. In the past thirty years, Gianazza Technology Spa and Gianazza Engineering Srl have installed new plants worldwide, provided assistance to existing plants with a focus on innovation and new technology.

Since mid-2012, Gianazza has changedtrade name and ownership and it is now part of a group of companies specialized in different industrial fields. These alliances and synergies should lead to innovation and make the company more competitive.