Liquid Nitrogen Storage Package

Nitrogen has many uses in almost all industries sa swell as in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical plants where its applied for blanketing of storage tanks, actuation of control systems, utility and purging applications.

The storage of this substance in vapor format is not efficient and would only be feasible in liquid form. Because of the very low boiling point of Liquid Nitrogen (-176 deg C. G. Atm, P.), it is a challenge to keep such a volatile liquid away from the ambient heat. This task could not be possible without almost zero heat transfer which can only be achieved by super-insulating the vessel and connected piping by means of vacuuming.

All the vessel parts will be thermally and mechanically analyzed using abaquos finite element and simulation Software. This ensures maximum reliability & safety which is done in addition to the normal thermal and mechanical calculations of the ASME code for design of pressure vessels (Section viii).

Fateh Process Technologies Co. proudly announces that he is capable of design, supply and manufacturing of complete Liquid Nitrogen Storage Package consisting all required elements listed below:

  1. Cryogenic double wall, super insulated and evacuated horizontal & vertical storage vessels.
  2. Vaporizers including main and vessel pressure build-ups.
  3. Vacuum jacketed super insulated piping.
  4. Cryogenic type differential pressure instrumentation.
  5. Cryogenic SS control valves, manual valves, pipes, fittings.