Oily Water Treatment Packages

Waste water treatment is one of the most important processes for decreasing the raw water consumption and environmental protection. There are several category of waste water in industrial plants. The main category of wastes streams in oil and gas plants are as follows:

  1. Oily Waste Water
  2. Clean Salty Waste
  3. Water Chemical Sewer
  4. Sanitary waste water

For each type of waste water a dedicated treatment process will be considered.
Our Technologies finds ways to control pollution efficiently and economically. We handle primary, secondary, wastewater reuse, and storm water management applications. Our wastewater technologies include physical oil separation, clarification, biological, and disinfection products.

The selection of treatment process mainly depends on client requirement and environmental regulation for waste disposal. A general treatment process for oily water contain screening for elimination of large contaminant (Bar Screen), gravity oil separation (API ,CPI), waste equalization and PH adjustment, secondary oil separation (DAF,IGF), biological treatment, sludge digestion , sludge thickening , complementary filtration (Multi-media and active carbon) and disinfection. For chemical sewer and clean salty water generally neutralization process will be used.